Teach Tomorrow in Oakland


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Develop a recruiting strategy focused on local applicants who represent the diversity of Oakland's students.

Develop and implement marketing plan and tools

Seek outside funding sources, i.e. federal and state grants, donors, and other fundraising opportunities

Manage more than 300 inquiries per year from community members in various stages of the pipeline: high school, college undergraduates, paraprofessionals, and career-changers.

Cultivate partnerships with other non-profit organizations towards greater advocacy for TTO

Cultivate and manage interactions with local Universities and alternative certification entities

Maintain an active presence in the community through attending recruitment events, making presentations, and attending local meetings to provide advocacy for TTO and OUSD

Manage and develop tutoring opportunities towards CSET/CBEST passage for TTO teacher candidates

Conceptualize, develop, implement and evaluate unique interview process for TTO candidates, including protocols, rubrics, student volunteers and University participation

Develop and implement comprehensive support structure for TTO candidates from 1 year pre-service through BTSA completion

Develop and manage Advisory Board

Share TTO model at National conferences towards advocacy for TTO as a National model

Create and implement comprehensive evaluation and assessment measures including reliable measurement tools for pre-service teachers and their coaches

Manage database to track participants

Hire a TTO Teacher and your school will have:

* A qualified, culturally diverse, educator who lives in and is dedicated to the Oakland community and will commit to teaching in Oaklands high-needs schools for at least five years.

* A teacher with intensive training focused on data-driven instruction through the lens of equity and social justice.

* Resources and support structure to ensure effective teaching, such as in-class coaching and monthly professional development sessions.