Teach Tomorrow in Oakland


Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard, Manager


1000 Broadway,

3rd Floor, Suite 300

Oakland, Ca 94607

If you have any questions about becoming a teacher or about TTO, please contact Dr.Rachelle Rogers-Ard using the information provided above.

Q: Is TTO a credentialing agent?

A: No. We partner with Universities who authorize a credential. We recruit local, diverse teachers for OUSD, but you must still apply to a partner University to complete your credential.

Q: What are the 120 hours for interns?

A: The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing mandates that Universities prepare interns for at least 120 hours prior to authorizing an intern credential. Each University has a different set of requirements to complete the pre-service hours. In addition, TTO requires 8 weeks of additional preparation for all interns prior to beginning work in a classroom.

Q: I want to teach English or Social Studies; will I have a position?

A: It is highly unlikely that TTO will be able to place more than one Social Studies teacher per year; unfortunately, those positions are rare. Therefore, TTO is focused on placing Multiple Subjects, Math, Science and PE teachers.

Q: I plan to move w/in the next couple of years; can I still apply?

A: While we appreciate your honesty, TTO is a program for local folks who can commit to teaching in Oakland for at least five years.

Q: I have a doctorate in __________. Do I have to apply to a credential program and take the CSET?

A: You will have to enroll in a credential program to become a teacher. However, you may not have to take the CSET if you have enough graduate-level coursework in your field. However, waivers are only given from certain Universities. Contact your University to gain further information.

Q: I only want to teach 4th grade; can I specify which grade I want to teach?

A: No. TTO is interested in placing teachers who want to teach in Oakland, and who will be prepared to teach in our hardest classrooms. Multiple subjects teachers must be prepared to teach grades K - 8.

Q: How many slots are available each year?

A: It is TTO's goal to place 25-40 teachers each year.

Q: Do I have to interview for a position?

A: In addition to a rigorous interview process with TTO, once you have been selected to be part of the TTO cohort, you will still have to interview with a Principal and/or hiring manager to actually get a job. If a Principal doesn't want to hire you, you will not be placed, even if you are part of TTO.

Q: What type of support do you offer?

A: TTO pays for all fees associated with becoming a teacher except tuition (i.e. fingerprinting and credential fees, etc.) In addition, TTO provides 8 weeks of pre-service support along with in-class coaching once you are placed. Finally, teachers attend monthly PD sessions to deepen pedagogical knowledge.

Q: I need help passing CSET - can TTO help with that?

A: Of course! We provide full scale tutoring support towards CBEST/CSET passage at no cost. In addition, those persons who attend all tutoring sessions prior to a test will receive test fee reimbursement for up to five attempts.